How to Keep Your Pet Warm in the Winter

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Greenville is known for random winter snow falls and bitter winds. It be tough on the people, but it can be even harder for pets! Our philosophy: it’s better to be prepared for the harsh weather than risk getting uncomfortable and possibly life-threatening frosty paws. Here’s a few tips to help keep your pet warm this winter.

  1. Temperatures under 32-30 degrees F may be a risk. Be sure to limit your dog’s time outdoors and provide extra layers if possible. Please keep cats inside.
  2. Go on shorter, more frequent walks.
  3. Keep them hydrated. The dry air can be harsh on their bodies, so offer a lot of water to keep them feeling good. Make sure their food and water isn’t frozen.
  4. Cracked paws? Coconut oil is great for massaging and moisturizing their precious feet.
  5. To prevent hypothermia, dry off your pet right as soon as they come inside.
  6. Pro tip: if you wouldn’t walk barefoot outside, your pet wouldn’t want to either.
  7. Avoid lakes, ponds, and large bodies of water.
  8. Check under your car! Outdoor animals tend to hid under vehicles during the winter, so please double check before driving.
  9. Research your pets specific breed to learn their risks. Each breed is different and is susceptible to different things during the winter season.
  10. Watch out for icy roads and pavements. Wipe their paws with a warm cloth after each walk to make sure any salt is removed.

Boston Terrier Cooper and his human.

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