Keeping Your Pets Safe During Storms

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Severe weather sometimes sneaks upon us, but if you have a plan already in place to refer to you can help keep you and your loved ones safe. There are steps you can take NOW to help keep your four-legged family members safe.

Don’t worry if you haven’t thought about it up until just now. We will walk you through the steps you can take before the threat is real.

Things You Can Do Before The Storm To Protect Your Pets

Sign Up Now for Local Emergency Agencies Alerts

Our local emergency management agencies have a way for you to sign up to be alerted as soon as an emergency situation arises. The time to sign up for these alerts is before an emergency situation arises.
Greenville County Emergency Management Code RED Alert sign-up
Spartanburg County Emergency Management Code RED Alert sign-up

Check Your Pet’s Microchip Info

Daylight Savings is a great time to check your smoke alarms and the info on your pets microchip. Make sure its functioning, and that the info on record is accurate. This can help them find their way home in the event they are missing or lost.

Have a Safe Location To Bring Outdoor Pets Indoors During Storms

If you have a pet that spends most of it’s time outdoors, now is the time to make room in a safe place for them to hunker down during inclement weather. This can be a garage, or more preferably an interior room in your home.

Locate and Secure Outdoor Cats During Storms

Don’t wait until you hear the weather siren going off to try and figure out where that elusive outdoor cat is. As soon as the threat is announced, find your outdoor cat and crate it. Practicing this throughout the year will make it an easier process in an emergency.

Move Smaller Caged Animals To A Safe Spot During Storms

If you have an outdoor rabbit hutch, or indoor small pets, move them to a safe place in your home if they aren’t already located there. Large fish tanks aren’t easily moved, but figuring out how to secure them with mattresses is something you can do to protect those finned friends.

Take Photos Of Your Pets For Identification Purposes

Make sure you have good, full body photos of any animals you own, so that in the event you get separated from them, you have a way to help people identify them. Be sure to email these to your self and a trusted person outside of the threat area, along with your veterinarians information.

Tagging Your Last Name On Your Large Pet During A Severe Storm

If you have a larger pet that can’t easily be brought into your home like a horse, alpaca, llama, cow, or other livestock; spray paint your last name down the flank of their front leg. This will make them quickly identifiable to people after the storm.

Know What Local Resources Are Available To Reunite You With A Lost Pet After A Storm

There are resources available to help you locate your lost pet and reunite a pet you have found with its owners. PawBoost is a free resource that will post lost/found information for pets, and there are local Facebook pages for the Upstate.
Greenville Pawboost / Spartanburg Pawboost / Pickens County

Stock Up On Food And Water For Your Pet Before A Storm

Make sure you have a box of supplies put together that is ready, should you need to grab-and-go.
The box should include:

  • any medications your pet needs
  • a pet first aid kit
  • food
  • a freshwater supply (a gallon of water)
  • cat litter
  • poop receptacle bags
  • copies of shot records
  • a harness, leash & muzzle

A list of Pet-Friendly Shelters in The Area To Head To During A Storm

Most shelters set up after a storm will not accept pets. For the most accurate and up-to-date info about shelters in the area after a storm, check the South Carolina Emergency Division Website

Another option is Pet-Friendly Hotels in the area.

Things You Can Do During The Storm To Protect Your Pets

Keep Your Pets Calm During The Storm

You’ve practiced what to do, and you are prepared. Now you just have to stay calm. This will help you and your pet. If your pet is a nervous creature by nature, consider using CBD-derived pet products to help keep them calm during an emergency situation. Franny’s Farmacy in Greenville offers several different CBD products for pets.

Stay Tuned To Local Information Sources During The Storm

We are fortunate in the Upstate to have a National Weather Service location at GSP. This means that our area’s information is coming from within our area; it doesn’t get more “real-time” than that. Ensuring your mobile devices, power banks, and weather radios are fully charged is a good way to keep you connected to dependable news sources.

Things You Can Do After The Storm To Protect Your Pets

Keep Your Pets Contained After The Storm

Until the damage has been assessed, keep your pets contained or leashed. Downed power lines and other hazards can be present and it could be too late to do anything if your pet discovers it while running free.

Get Your Injured Pet Medical Attention As Soon As Possible After The Storm

Should your pet sustain injuries, you should try to make contact with your veterinarian as soon as possible. Even if they can’t bring your pet in right away, they can give you guidance.

Hopefully, this information will never be needed. However, being prepared for an emergency could save your and your pet’s life.

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