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10 Places You Can Get Low-Cost Pet Vaccinations Near Greenville, SC

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Is it time for your pet’s yearly vaccines? Are you a first-time pet owner trying to take care of your pet and keep from breaking the bank at the same time?

Here at Wagging Around Greenville, we’ve been on the hunt for the Upstates most-affordable vaccines. We’re passionate about keeping our pets happy and healthy, and thanks to a few budget-friendly options, we can do just that!


Readers Top Choices For Adopting A Dog or Cat

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“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” – Anatole France

Do you have a heart for rescued animals? Do you dream of finding a furry best friend?

Greenville has a variety of passionate pet adoption organizations that work hard to unite their rescues with loving forever homes. These generous teams of people rescue a multitude of cats and dogs daily, saving hundreds of lives! When choosing to adopt, you not only make a difference in an animals life, but you’ll be making memories that last a lifetime.

  • For most adoptions, you simply need to fill out an online application.
  • Most organizations foster pets within a home already, so they will know.
  • Always have your ID available.
  • Be ready with a form of payment (cash, debit/credit card).
  • Understand what your adoption fees are covering. Most fees cover medical basics such as Spay or neuter, microchip and registration, vaccines, de-wormer, flea treatment, and a heart worm test.
  • Some organizations may require an in-home visit. This helps secure that the home is safe and ready for a new furry family member.

Note: This list was compiled from reader suggestions and does not constitute an endorsement from Wagging Around Greenville. We recommend that readers research any adoption organization.

Dozer. He is a 6 year old boxer/coon hound mix. We adopted him last year from the Spartanburg Humane Society. He loves children and thinks he is a lap dog. He absolutely loves meaty treats. He has a relaxed temperament with a bit of a wild streak.
Dozer is a 6 year old boxer/coon hound mix. We adopted him last year from the Spartanburg Humane Society. He loves children and thinks he is a lap dog. He absolutely loves meaty treats. He has a relaxed temperament with a bit of a wild streak.

Lucky Pup Rescue

The adoption fee is a flat rate of $250. It covers a variety of healthcare and preventative services, including a microchip. To adopt, you must get a vet reference and home visit are REQUIRED for approval.

If you prefer purchasing a dog from a rescue, Lucky Pups Rescue is great & of course, Greenville Humane Society is wonderful as well!🐾🐶


Greenville Humane Society

305 Airport Rd, Greenville

Adoption fees cover a variety of shots and services. Fees range from $35 – $250 depending on the age of the cat or dog. Puppies and kittens are typically more. *Fees are subject to change.

Greenville Humane Society! They have so many animals that need a home and run great adoption specials.


Greenville County Animal Care

328 Furman Hall Rd, Greenville

The adoption fee is $35 and includes a variety of healthcare and preventative services.

We adopted from Greenville Animal Care. Free for veterans! We had a great experience there. They had a huge green space for you to play with the dogs off- leash and encourage you to bring a dog that you own back to make sure they’re a good fit together before you commit.


Foster Paws Rescue

On the hunt exclusively for a cat or kitten? Foster Paws is a wonderful organization that is fueled by donations only. You can check out their adoptable cats and kittens online or find them at the Taylors and Simpsonville PetSmarts for adoption events!

Foster Paws is a great cat rescue that pulls cats from Greenville County Animal Care to prepare them for adoption!


The Barker Rescue Project

The Barker Rescue Project! 💕


Spartanburg Humane Society

Address: 150 Dexter Rd, Spartanburg
Phone: 864.583.4805

Spartanburg Humane Society. Adopted our dough-bear from there. 💕


Pickens County Humane Society

Address: 500 5 Forks Rd, Liberty Phone: 864.843.9693

Pickens County Animal Shelter on Prison Camp Road. Barn cats are free and adoptions are always free for veterans.


Carolina Poodle Rescue

Carolina Poodle Rescue in Pacolet, SC. Awesome place, we rescued our dachshund and corgi mix from there.


Concerned Citizens for Animals

Address: 3625 Fork Shoals Rd, Simpsonville Phone: 864.243.4222

Concerned Citizens for Animals is the best!


Day Before the Rainbow Rescue and Adoption

Day Before the Rainbow Rescue and Adoption has lots of pups and kittens!


PURR – Paws Up Rescue and Resources

There are a lot of amazing local rescues. Purrbabies Rescue has a lot of adorable kittens who are looking for homes.


Tri-County Technical College Veterinary Technology Program

This program hosts annual adoption days where animals from local shelters that have been socialized are offered up for adoption for an affordable fee.

Pendleton, SC
(864) 646-1547

Tri-County Technical College Veterinary Technology program has amazing cats and dogs for adoption every semester!


What is your favorite part about adopting a rescue animal?

Upstate Animal Rescue Groups Making A Difference

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Are you looking to add a new family member to your home during quarantine? If you have space in your heart and home for a special new member of the family, animal rescues are a great place to find a new pet and they don’t just help dogs and cats!

The best dog I’ve ever known was the first pet I got after leaving my parents home. I went with my best friend to an animal shelter thinking I wanted a Boston Terrier just like Roxie, my friend’s dog. At the rescue facility, all the dogs were barking for our attention.
Except for one.

My Rescue Dog and the kids
The Three Loves Of My LIfe

I’ve joked that he knew he was coming home with me that day and figured the extra effort was not needed. A little blonde rat terrier named Phillip stole my heart that day and spent the next 14 years by my side. He was with me through five moves through three states, heartbreak, the birth of my two children, and more. Sadly he passed away recently and that little rescue dog will always have a special place in my heart.

Aside from local animal shelters, there are local non-profit groups that rescue animals, rehabilitate them if needed, and adopt them out. Some are even breed-specific if you have a certain breed in mind.

Rescues aren’t subsidized by taxpayers, so adoption fees might be a little higher than at the local animal shelters. These non-profits are also a great opportunity for your family to give back, by fostering a pet while a “fur-ever” home is found for them.

WAG is your resource for all your pet-related needs! Did you see this peek behind the scenes at a local animal shelter?

Rescues That Specialize In Canines

Carolina Boxer Rescue helped turn this dogs life around. This is how he looked when they got him (L) and how he looked after they nursed hum back to being healthy (R).

Carolina Boxer Rescue

Carolina Boxer Rescue obtains Boxer breed dogs from shelters, and save them from being euthanized. They service the states of South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia.

Foothills Golden Retriever Rescue

Foothills Golden Retriever Rescue is a full-service rescue dedicated to providing rescue and necessary veterinarian attention for neglected, abused, and homeless golden retrievers breed dogs.

Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue

Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue specializes in and services Boxer breed dogs. They provide adoptions to The Carolinas and Virginia.

Auction For A Kaws Rescue

Auction for A Kaws rescue is a Greenville based rescue. They are a foster-based organization that rescues, rehabilitates, and adopts out dogs in the Upstate.

Carolina Loving Hound Rescue

Carolina Loving Hound rescue provides adoptions for different breed dogs. Their motto is “Rescue, Rehabilitate, Re-home or Retire”.

Lucky Pup Rescue

Lucky Pup Rescue is a foster-based rescue. They are in Greenville and require home visits for dog adoption applicants.

Now that you have your eye on a pup, you need a place to take them for a walk! There are plenty of places in the Upstate and we have a list of places in Greenville to take a walk with your new pal.

Rescues That Specialize In Felines

Foster Paws Rescue

Foster Paws is a Cat rescue serving Spartanburg & Greenville Counties. They are a foster-based rescue, that holds adoption events through local Petsmart locations.

Miss Dixie’s Kitten Rescue

Miss Dixie’s specializes in rehabbing and rehoming orphaned kittens in the Upstate.

Rescues That Specialize in Rabbits, Reptiles and Other Animals

Bunny Brigade

If you are looking for a pet that is probably not going to deliver you candy in the spring, Bunny Brigade rescues, rehabs, and rehomes domestic rabbits. They work closely with Izzie’s Pond to find fur-ever homes for floppy-eared friends.

Greenville SC Exotic Animal Rescue

GSCE specializes in almost any pet appropriate animal that is not a dog or a cat. If you are in the market for a snake, ferret, parrot, lizard, tarantula, or another exotic animal, they are the rescue to contact!

Rescues That Help Multiple Species

Day Before The Rainbow Rescue

Day Before The Rainbow rescues animals from high-kill shelters and fosters them out while they are found a home. The rescue also works with animal control to help when animal hoarding events happen and animals need to be helped.

Concerned Citizens For Animals

For 40 years Concerned Citizens For Animals has been helping stray, neglected, and abandoned dogs and cats in the Upstate.

Saved By The Heart Companion Animal Services

Saved By The Heart Companion Animal Services adopts cats and dogs out to people in the Upstate. They also provide resources to pet parents who need help retaining their pets through a hardship.

Note: This list was compiled from reader suggestions and does not constitute an endorsement from Wagging Around Greenville. We recommend that readers research any adoption organization.

Have you found the love of your life through a rescue? Tell us all about it in the comments!